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This is an archive of my most important blog posts on my Medium blog. I decided to use Medium because it's easy to quickly write and format articles, and it's a great platorm to build a following. Most of my posts are published in a publication, which also helps to distribute my articles to its followers. Medium also lets you see where your readers come from, which helps me to find Twitter users that share my article.

Because Medium does not have a proper way to group / sort posts, I created this archive, so that you could easily find my posts per category.

Appart from Medium articles, I also included a tutorial in PDF Format. The tutorial is an in depth guide on how to create your own JavaScript reverse shell, and it also includes a theoretical part. A shorter version of this tutorial is also written on my Medium blog.

Lastly, I added a few writeups and an ignite talk of some events I went to. For the recruiters that are reading this, this is not an accurate representation of the events I go to. I participate in a lot more events, but most of the time I don't write about them.

This website is written in custom HTML and CSS. Responsiveness isn't 100% done, so please keep in mind that on some devices the site might not display properly.

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